The Throwable Microphone for Audience Engagement

Ready for any event

Catchbox is a great tool for engaging your audiences, whether small or big.


With Catchbox, event professionals finally have a tool that helps liven up events while shifting conferences to be more about participation and discussion. Not only does the device make asking questions in packed rooms faster, but the simple act of throwing a soft cube breaks the ice and gets people talking.


Engaging and activating students improves lectures and knowledge sharing. This, however, is easier said than done, resulting in more and more students opting to skip class.

Adding a dynamic element into your teachings will encourage critical thinking rather than pure memorization.

Recommended Products:
For Classrooms Catchbox 2.4
For Lecture Halls Catchbox Pro


Catchbox is a great way to break the ‚first question’ ice and kickstart the meeting. Fun, friendly and loveable, the Catchbox lowers barriers for people to participate and to bring their questions forward.

Use Catchbox as a speaker’s totem, microphone or even a recording device to save your discussions for later.

Recommended Product: Catchbox 2.4

Break the ice – Throw the dice

Switch on. Throw in.

Active AutoMute

Catchbox Scerus

Light and Soft

Catchbox Scerus

Easy to Use

Catchbox Scerus

Active AutoMute

Two versions.
Endless possibilities.

Catchbox Pro

Beltpack Modification

  • 1-2000 Audience
  • Range upto 90m/300ft
  • >20h Battery life
  • Licensed Frequency

Catchbox 2.4

Wireless Microphone System

  • 1-100 Audience
  • Range upto 30m/100ft
  • 10h Battery life
  • 2.4GHz (license Free)

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